Thursday, September 25, 2008

Current Events / Election 2008

From Ms. Rossler:
"At least 1 Friday every month class time will be devoted to a current events topic (The Iraq war, global terror, global warming, etc.). On the Monday of that week I will tell you the topic we are going to discuss on Friday and your job is to come to class on Friday prepared with notes that address the following three points of the issue. Until Election Day (November 4th), most of our Current Events Fridays (CEF) will relate to the U.S. presidential race, focusing predominantly on foreign policy issues. In what ways will this presidential race impact people and conflicts worldwide?"

for 9/26/08:
The presidential candidates are supposed to have their first debate tonight on foreign policy (which is currently up in the air). I would like you to research the current international issues, polling data, and other relevant information about the candidates to write 5-7 questions for each candidate you would like them to answer during tonight's debate.

At the end of class we will discuss your questions and why their answers are important. Additionally, if you watch the debate and write a reflection (did the candidate's answer your questions? did they respond to questions in ways you expected or surprised you?) you will earn extra credit.

Suggested Resources:

* The New York Times:

* CNN:

* The Washington Post:

* Google News Search:

*—news and views from media around the world:

* BBC news:



* InfoTrac's database of over 900 newspapers, both national and international. Available through the HS Library's page and at:

* and RealClearPolitics--a good site for polling information: