Tuesday, September 20, 2005


[Some below descriptions adapted from www.lii.org – the Librarians’ Index to the Internet.]

The New York Times
Nicknamed "The Gray Lady" and often called the newspaper of record, The Economist called this paper the most "prestigious newspaper in the world." For a brief account of its history, organization, and alleged biases, click here.

One of the most frequently updated news sites. Has news digest and feature stories and images, covering weather, sports, science and technology, travel, style, entertainment, health, environment, and United States, world, and local news. Past articles can be searched.

A searchable free "guide to thousands of the best U.S. and international news sources on the Web." Easily access more than 2600 headlines and thousands of news links by subject, location, industry, or media type. Compiled by journalists, educators, librarians, engineers, and business people. A good place to access international English-language new sources.

Google News Search
News from a variety of major publications and newspapers, updated as events unfold. Searchable; browsable by major categories such as sports, business, technology, regional, and Headline News.

Other News Search Engines
SearchEngineWatch.com has an annotated list of search engines dedicated to news. “If you are still looking for news using 'normal' search engines, stop doing it! You'll find the services below to be a much better way to search for the latest news stories from hundreds of sources on the web. These services provide exceptionally good results for current event searching, because they crawl only news sites and revisit these sites several times per day. Thus, the results are usually focused and timely.”

Newspapers from around the world
Compiled by Refdesk.com, “a free and family-friendly site that indexes and reviews quality, credible, and current reference resources.” Includes a list of the top 10 US papers as well as a list of which US papers have searchable archives. Note: many broken links.

The Association of Alternative Newsweeklies
A trade organization for the weekly newspaper business. These local "alternative" weeklies often provide a different and local perspective in comparison to their mainstream counterparts. The below link will take you to a directory of the organization's member papers.

Conservative New Sources
A list of conservative newspaper opinion pages and news sources, as determined by About.com. Sources include The Conservative Index, and the Wall Street Journal's Opinion Journal.

Progressive News Sources
A list of left-leaning magazines and their websites. Compiled by the Yahoo! directory. Souces included are The Nation and Mother Jones magazine.