Monday, September 12, 2005


Librarians’ Index to the Internet.
Links to various resources on Katrina, divided into topic headings. Includes resources on Environmental Factors, Gas Prices, Flood Control, News Coverage, and more.


The New York Times: Hurricane Katrina
Collection of news stories on Hurricane Katrina. Includes photos, graphics, satellite images, video, and a list of relief organizations. Includes stories on flood risk and levee failure, Gulf Coast oil operations and gas prices, economic impacts, and related topics. Very good interactive timeline.

In Depth: Hurricane Katrina
Collection of news stories and analysis about Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath from a British perspective. Includes a timeline, animations of the path of the storm and how hurricanes happen, map of evacuee destinations, amounts of foreign aid offered to the United States, information about draining New Orleans, eyewitness accounts, photos, and more. From the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Hurricane Katrina
News coverage of the disaster includes satellite images, personal accounts, a list of people reported safe at CNN's hurricane victims desk, photographs submitted by the public, stories about economic issues (such as gas price gouging and federal disaster relief), and stories about health issues (such as potential disease outbreaks and status of medical facilities). Also includes video clips.


Live local news in New Orleans, including articles, a blog, and continuous Internet television coverage, from WWLTV, a television station. Find a broad range of news and information related to Hurricane Katrina, including road closures, school status, health tips, emergency information, missing people locators, and more. Hurricane Katrina
Collection of news stories on Hurricane Katrina from the online version of the Sun-Herald newspaper, which covers Biloxi, Gulfport, and surrounding areas in south Mississippi. Includes town-by-town damage reports, photos, videos, blogs, and other features.

Article from October 2001 Scientific American:
or run a search with “scientific american drowning new Orleans”